FieldRelated.com It is a text analyzer that counts field-related vocabulary in a given text, identifies the field with the most matches, provides links to resources and a glossary, and also indicates if your text is either academic or conversational in its diction.

At all junior colleges in Quebec, students are required to take two 15-week second language courses. For French-speaking students, this means two English Second-Language courses. The second of the two courses includes the goal that learners must use vocabulary related to their field of study in their speaking and writing. See the table below for the speaking and writing objectives of the 604-100B course. In order to evaluate this, teachers and learners have to know what words are and are not field-related for fields that can be rather specialized. FieldRelated.com is intended to make the task easier and a lot faster.

FieldRelated.com offers a way for learners to establish whether or not they have in fact met this objective. The learner simply copy-pastes their text into the text-box and hits "Analyze". If the system is unable to find words related to any particular field of study, the learner knows he or she has not met this course objective yet. Deciding how many field-related words should appear in a text is up to the teacher.

Speaking and Writing Objectives for 604-100B at the Quebec College Level

Elements of the Competency

Performance Criteria

3. To communicate a brief oral message related to the student’s field of study.

a. message lasting at least two minutes.
b.Use of terms related to the student’s field of study.
c. Relevant statements.
d. Satisfactory application of the grammatical code.
e. Showing of openness and respect.
4. To write and revise a short text related to the student’s field of study.

a. Production of a clear and coherent text of approximately 250 words.
b. Adaptation to the context and purpose of communication.
c. Use of new ideas and expressions.
d. Use of terms connected to the student’s field of study.
e. Satisfactory application of the grammatical, syntactical and orthographic codes.
f. Satisfactory use of communication procedures connected to the writing task.
g. Appropriate use of revision strategies.

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