Legal Careers

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Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention: 3-year DEC Program
Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention specialists work at rehabilitation for youth, halfway , prisons, drug and alcohol rehabilitation , women's , etc. Approximately half of Correctional Intervention graduates enter the work force immediately upon graduation, while the others choose to continue their at university in Criminology, Law or Social Work programs. Whatever employment they choose, Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention graduates work closely with people in need. Graduates can find employment as corrections , street , or youth . Their duties may include running group workshops, one-on-one interventions of their clients, as well as participating in the preparation and of plans.

Police Technology: 3-year DEC Program
Graduates of the Police Technology program are employed in Quebec police , the RCMP, provincial and municipal or private investigation and security . Bilingualism (French & English) is required for employment in Quebec. Police officers the peace, people and property, crime and both criminal and civil laws. They reassure , arrest and act as peacemakers or . Police work is a career that demands maturity, courage and strong communication skills.

Paralegal Technology: 3-year DEC Program
Paralegals various responsibilities within the legal profession. These include, among others, analyzing and researching legal issues. Moreover, a paralegal written procedures and other legal documents, meetings with clients and lawyers during trials before different tribunals.

Social Science--Law, Society and Justice Profile: 2-year DEC Program
The Law, Society and Justice profile is for students who have academic and career relating to the legal and forensic , as well as to journalism,
civil , and public interest advocacy . The profile offers a coordinated group of courses that examines the relationship between law and society.