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Thin drug particles, solid or liquid dispersed in gas (air or other) to reach the bronchioles or alveoli.
For solid oral dosage form, like a capsule, but it is easier to swallow.
Solid dosage form for oral administration, the drug in powder form, liquid, or oil contained in a capsule or in a gelatin capsule.
Usually applied to the liquid medicament in the treatment of connective diseases of the eye or eyelids.
tablet or pill
Solid dosage form containing one or more drugs, round or oval shape, for oral administration.
enteric tablet
Coated tablet for oral administration of insoluble materials in the stomach, the coating dissolves in the intestine, where the drug is absorbed.
Pharmaceutical preparation dissolved in alcohol (or a similar component) and mixed with a syrup.
Liquid drug solution or suspension administreted with a eye-dropper.
Drug suspension more or less liquid, used externally to protect the skin.
Semi-solid preparation for external application containing one or more drugs.
Drug ovoid to be inserted in a cavity, particularly the vagina, for being dissolved.
Round and flat dosage form containing the drug, flavoring, sugar and mucilage dissolves in the mouth to release the drug.
Semi-solid preparation, thicker and more rigid than ointment absorbed more slowly by the skin than the ointment.
Drug dissolved in a concentrated sugar solution may contain flavoring to give the medicine a good taste.
A liquid preparation may be administered by oral, parenteral or external, may be instilled into an organ or a body cavity (for example, irrigation of the bladder); contains water with one or more dissolved compounds, must be sterile for parenteral administration.
Solid dosage form of gelatin mixed, having the form of a pellet to be inserted into a body cavity (rectum); when it reaches the body temperature the suppository releases the drug absorbed by the body.
Fine drug particles dispersed in a liquid, when leaving the suspension at rest, the particles accumulate at the bottom of the container; in general, it is administered orally.
skin patch
Medication contained in a disk or a stamp semipermeable membrane which allows the drug to be absorbed slowly by the skin over a long period.
Drug administered by mouth and swallowed with liquid, the simplest and most used.
Drug deposited under the tongue against the oral mucous membranes.
gingival oral
Solid drug placed in the mouth, against the cheek mucous membranes, until dissolved.
Drug administered by injection (with syringe) into the skin, muscle or directly into the bloodstream.
Drug is applied locally on the skin or applied to the skin by means of a stamp.
Drug instilled into a body cavity (Nasal, Ophthalmic, ear, rectal or vaginal).
Drug administered by nasal or oral; the deeper anatomical structures of the respiratory system provide a large surface area capable of absorbing the drug.